Hoop Culture is one of the fastest growing basketball apparel brands in the world. NuMedia has been their agency of record since 2014.

Goal: Utilize Instagram Influencer advertising to build the @HoopCulture Instagram following while generating at least a 5X return on adspend

Strategy: Utilizing a mix of giveaways, low-dollar tripwire offers and popular premium items, Hoop Culture could have their content amplified every single day, generating traffic and building their following at scale in the process. We used personalized google campaign links, cloaked with a shortened HPCLTR.co domain, to measure the results of each account, as well as the traffic and sales on the @HoopCulture instagram to ensure key benchmarks were met or exceeded, and offers that were generating the highest ROI were scaled and duplicated.

What Happened: With our network including @Sports (2M), @BasketballVines (3.6M), @BasketballVideos (3.1M), @AbsurdHighlights (670K) as well as our partner network including @SportsPlays (330K), @CrazyCrossovers (1.4M) and more, we were able to scale downloads to exceed 5,000 per week, alternating videos and offering a FREE download for animated emojis at the link in our bio. Because it was so unique, we were also able to profitably schedule buys with our link on other sports Instagrams leading up to major events such as the 2017 NBA Finals.

Conclusion: Hoop Culture started with us under 10,000 followers. When we began our Influencer campaigns, Hoop Culture had under 100,000 followers and currently has over 330,000 followers. Not only that, Instagram currently accounts for almost 33% of their traffic, and has generated over 30,000 new customers for the brand with a highly profitable ROAS.