Sports Manias is a venture funded sports media company looking to build a large user base for their sports app.

Goal: Gain 100,000 sports-focused app users

Strategy: By creating illustrated, animated sports emojis, Sports Manias can provide a very unique hook to get app users. By staying current and adding in new animated emojis leading up to each major event, they can create fresh advertisements and renew interest every few weeks. Not only is this a great way to keep interest high, it’s also a great way to engage current app users. By piecing together appealing content ads and offering an above-average cost-per-download incentive that allowed influencers to profit MORE than they would at their base rates, they got very motivated influencers, like us, to promote them while still coming in under their target KPIs.

What Happened: With our network including @Sports (2M), @BasketballVines (3.6M), @BasketballVideos (3.1M), @AbsurdHighlights (670K) as well as our partner network including @SportsPlays (330K), @CrazyCrossovers (1.4M) and more, we were able to scale downloads to exceed 5,000 per week, alternating videos and offering a FREE download for animated emojis at the link in our bio. Because it was so unique, we were also able to profitably schedule buys with our link on other sports Instagrams leading up to major events such as the 2017 NBA Finals.

Conclusion: In under 6 months, Sports Manias was able to build a giant active app user base with an affiliate program of sorts and our sports Instagram network. Our link alone was responsible for over 100,000 app downloads in that time period at a cost per download that they loved.